Privacy Policy

January 12, 2021

Buzzbia Privacy Statement

At it is our pleasure to share our guidelines & beliefs about this website. We believe that you will appreciate our site for what it is, a site for friends & family to come together & share our experiences. Buzzbia is not an information collecting site. We believe that your information is just that, your information.


Buzzbia will not collect data other than data you personally supply, (IE Name, phone number etc) with very few exceptions. We don’t collect information from cookies from other websites though we must set cookies for site security purposes (IE cookies used for login status).


We don’t collect where the location of the file was taken, time stamps or other invasive practices other sites use as “tools to make your visits better.” If you provide us that data it will not be shared outside of

Your Content

We don’t collect information about shared links, uploads or imports from devices.

Personal Information

Personal information given to Buzzbia upon signup is not for sale and will not be redistributed without a lawful court order requiring us to do so.


Though we must collect some information about the device you are using to be able to provide you a satisfactory user experience we do not collect information on contacts from devices using Buzzbia like other sites do. We don’t think an individuals call logs and contacts are our business.

Messaging, chat and post

The information passed between guests on is not for sale. We want to earn your trust and confidence that your experience on Buzzbia is secure as well as enjoyable.

Third Party Advertising

Though we do not collect personal data for advertising purposes though we do utilize Google Ads, which at their discretion, may collect personal information. Unfortunately, this is outside of our control.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns you a you can always contact us at